Wednesday, July 12, 2006

crap talk

Cant seem to shake off the stained ‘rusty feeling’ from ma mind. Its like the mind goes numb and dumb and you don’t even dare move the muscles in your brain cause it feels like they’d blow apart into tiny li’l pieces and get scattered all over the place. Not that it’d b too bad but you cant help worrying u’d have to get up and clean the mess yourself. So what do you do? You just sit and stare at the walls (guess what was on it) – not for hours but for the few minutes that you have in between jumping from one thing to another on the to do list. Not like the list makes any sense or getting you anywhere but its there, for the heck of it and right now its too scary to think about what really needs to be in it.

Things been happening. My world has changed in more than one way. Been complaining about the ‘same ol routine’ and now it feels real odd to be out of it.

Spend the weekend in a different way. Took a friend out to catch a show (a drama) with the cousins. Wasn’t much of a show if you ask me. I am all for loud humor but they’re all good. I’d say the whole thing was rather amateurish; like kids having the run in school plays. But what do I know! It was their 500 th or 1000 th performance, so there.

Been spending too much time on the phone like a teenager. Word of wisdom – it wont be the same, no matter how hard you try. Its not your fault; its just not your time. But then again…you do need to do stuff once in a while. Got to take someone out on a dinner. And it went rather well too. Love the fact that she’s rough around the edges and not a show off smoker (a real deal). Did I mention she’s cute? Just wish I had the energy to keep up with her.

Rudra in the middleRudra left for Australia on Monday. Fucked work and met at NSU for the last time. (there’d be other times but those’d never b the same) For a coupla hours it was just like old times. Rounds of smokes and tea and crap talk. We had a good run at the uni. We were the tea stall gang the cools avoided, the cultured dreaded, wannabe’s pitied, and losers envied and the average liked. (Come to think of it strays made the gang) We had little in common except for the fact that we all ate like pigs and acted like ‘em too. Of course we were chickless for the most part but it wasn’t too bad. Yep! Had it real good while it lasted. And we wouldn’t have it half as good without Rudra.

Ever met anyone who’s never boring? Never has a bad day and would never talk about his personal crap? Who never smokes, or drinks or talks about sleeping with chicks and is still popular all around? The guys knew everybody and everybody knew him. Everybody’d confide in him and he’d put it on national TV the next minute and it’d still be all right. He’d never say a kind word or any of that ‘I’m here for you’ crap when you are down. But you know you can count on him when craps going down. He’d let macho men and tough guys talk big and let ‘em get away with it. If they only knew where that guy’s been to. LOL!

So we hang around NSU for a coupla hours and we went our ways. No fancy good byes. “Ok then…later”. – and that was that. Whats their to say? We’d keep up in msn? Kheks.

So long brother! See you soon.


NAB said...

so I always wondered whether people even went out for dinner in bdesh...and if so, where?! the only fancy places I have been to were this chinese place and some ice cream parlor in gulshan.
and plus, in a city that packed, do you not always run in to a familiar face? no anonymity, eh?

recent pics? you're all wearing jackets...

bodda said...

oh no nowal. you simply cant imagine how various the options to go out for dinner in dhk are. dhaka is so changed now. greek, nepali, libyan, american steak... name it, you hv it.

i liked the farewell.... none would hv to chance to formally bid the final farewell

Weatherman said...

Well...there r lots of fancy places but I dont really frequent them. There's this coffe shop kinda place near my place. The food isn't very good but its all right. It wasnt a fancy dinner...just eating out I suppose.

Bodda - I'm sure u kno what its like. :)

Nowal - naah...those were taken a while back...I think december 2003.

NAB said...

aah, no wonder why people who are well off in dhk don't want to leave the city.

interestingly enough, i had gone to an "Olive Garden" once in dhk. somewhere in uttara i guess...
anyways, so i am there thinking we're being treated to greek food, eh? after all, there's a popular greek franchise here with that name. so imagine my surprise when i see chinese chefs walking in to personally deliver the menus...a menu comprising of, you got it, chinese food!

a blatant plagiarism really. almost got offended...but sigh, the "flower fish" won me over and have sealed my lips.

Weatherman said...

Oh well...dunno much about fancy food. Had lobsters and stakes a coupla times. Still dunno which hand you use to hold the fork and which one for the knife.

The job situation is a li'l better and a lot of people's got money to spend these days. Food joints and restaurants are doing well. But if you ask me, aint many places here you can go to spend the time. You cant be eating all the time. Can u? Oh well...may be its just me and its better for other poeple. :)