Monday, July 31, 2006

headless chicken run

As tanm would put it, I’ve been quite the headless chicken lately, bumping into things, toppling over stuff and all. My minds a blank; dunno what I ought to be thinking about. It takes you years to get into a lifestyle and then zoom! You gotta change into something else! How easy is that?

The brothers want me to watch movies with them.
My gal wants me on the phone.
My boss wants me to come to the office on time.

What of the stuff that I was supposed to read?
What of moving to Canada?
What about the things I was supposed to write?
What of the lady with the radiant smile?

I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. Gotta see this through.

Meanwhile the worlds been spinning.

ZB’s been on a run. See all sorts of neat stuff on his space.

So is tanm – great posts man!

Nowals been falling down, bumping her head and cutting off her hair. That child is up to no good I tell you. It’s a good thing she’s still posting.

Oh well…its all good.


NAB said...

so...trying to get to the root of the problem here: why do you have to change your "lifestyle"? what's wrong?

And who's the lady with the RADIANT smillleeee??? (wink, wink)!

Weatherman said...

Nothings wrong...just too much going on. I'm lazy u c...I get paranoid if I dont have my 'stare at the wall' hours.

haha...who knows! Its a small world, may be u'll bump into her one of these days (wink, wink)!

NAB said...

pssht, that's just you trying to evade the topic...very unsuccessfully. Who even knows when I am going back to bdesh again. Doubt I'd run into your lady in this lifetime. sigh.

Weatherman said...

lol...who said anything about her being my lady or being in bdesh? :p

Heres a clue...I was not talking about my gf in there. :p :p

NAB said...

ooh la laa! amit's obsessed with a "lady from yonder". But dude, you have a gf already...tsk tsk.

Oh, watch "pride & Prejudice" if you can, k? The one with Keira Knightley. I thought it was amazingly done.

Weatherman said...

ah! You know...some times you see a painting and you take to it. The faces in it look alive and call out to you. You love the way it makes you feel. That doesn't mean you can keep the painting for yourself. You will probably go see it from time to time from a distance. Of course you aren't allowed to touch! Now thats not necessarily obsession you know? lol...o crap. Lets just drop it. :$

I have actually seen the movie. Liked it very much. :)

NAB said...

aww. well, I guess I know how you feel. Something which you think is perfect in your taste but it's just not within your grasp. like a married man perhaps? ;)

glad you liked the movie :)

Weatherman said...

ermm...nope! Married men (or any type of men at that) just dont do it for me you c...:p

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

oh come on.. i am posting others' lyrics and talking about rambo!!!

Weatherman said...

lol. Wanna trade places? :p

NAB said...

i was talking about married men for me (A).

Weatherman said...

why! U r just 20! Plenty of good single people out there...stay away from married folks; they're bad news. Dint your mom tell u that?