Thursday, August 31, 2006

A long walk

Had a looong walk today! All the way from Banani to Bijoy Sharani. Probably 7/8 kilos. Why? Don’t ask. Where did I get all that energy after work? I’m not working as hard as I should be. Now, was it fun? It was ok. What did I see on the way? Nothing at all. I guess there was a piece if the sky during the detour through old DOHS. That area is not as crowded as most part either. Add to that the lightness of the head due to starvation. It wasn’t too bad. Met some friends about an hour later in Mohammadpur. Devoured the chaap (deshi steak as Tanm would put it) like a pig. Oh, right! I always eat like that. It wasn’t too bad either. How am I doing? Not so good.

Statement of the day –

“There are a couple of times when philosophy is the least of your concerns. One is when you get food after waiting for it a long time. Another time is when you are constipated.”

Think its no good? Sue me!


Shakia said...

Don't make walking a habit, otherwise I'm the only lazy bum left.. and I'm counting on you..!

Weatherman said...

I was never as lazy as u. Used to walk a lot b4...not so much these days.

Morticia of Mirth said...

ok, so the blog is up and running ! but now, how do i add ppl!?

Weatherman said...

LoL! You dont! They just come. Mail your firends your blog link and ask 'em to come 'n have a looksie and leave comments. Thats a start. When mine started only Tan and Shakia used to visit and they had my blog link on the buddy list. Then Nowal showed up one day. I'll put yours on my buddy list.