Sunday, August 13, 2006

Slacking Bloggers

Everybody is slacking these days. Tan hasn’t put up anything in weeks. Nowal is hardly keeping up her reputation. Neither is bodda who didn’t post anything new except for that reposting from another blog. My excuse for not posting – bad weather. Well…so here is my input to break the silence. Oh hell…now it sounds kinda boring. Lets not drag this farther. Just one thing before calling it a night; How many of you have liked the Sound of Music ( the movie :p)?


Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

i been out of the country for a while... france... spain... now in the latter in a cyber cafe... i will have a journal on the trip out soon... i m amazed at how much of it i am forgetting now as each day passes... returning to Sweden on the 23rd. Adios.

NAB said...

bodda's in spain too...unless you are bodda. egh. confused.

NAB said...

and i am trying to curb it amit! check my blog out. =)