Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Mutant Crab

At work. Spent the last 40 minutes trying to draw a mutant crab. Why?

Wanted to blog about all sorts of things. Thought about wring about the things I’ve been reading…wanted to write about Bruno who they burnt at the stakes on February 17, 1600. Thought about writing an ode to the ‘wicked fools’. Felt too tired to do any of that and went to bed early.

Met a couple of school friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. We hung for a while, literally, from a 10 feet tall grill which, it seems, was being used as a road divider. It was pretty relaxing up there, oddly enough. We had a lot of catching up to do; talked about old times and stuff. Was wondering if it’d be appropriate to ask him how the sex was between him and his wife now that she’s had a kid. He kinda guessed and said, “Man! You musta really gotten old! You never had any trouble saying things you shouldn’t before…” Then we were at his old place where we used to hang all the time back in school. As we were coming back, an aunty, mother of another school friend, materialized from out of nowhere and asked me why I don’t study at all these days. My friend told her, - “Aunty, he never did much of that. Did he?” And she says, “well, I guess he is doing okay, considering…”. “And he paid his taxes too!” – my friend added.

Now comes the crab part. As we were getting out, my friends and a new guy I don’t know, grabbed a few cans of condensed milk from a van in the parking lot. They threw me a can but I didn’t want any. And then the milk guy came looking so they made a run for it, so, it was just me standing there with a couple of empty milk cans lying around. I tried to convince the milk guy that it wasn’t me (I even tried to make him smell my mouth to make a point…I think…), without any success. So I ran too.

It was dark and I was running up this mud hill with the milk guy on my tail. (The scene sort of had a Tim Burton anim feel) And then I see this big, pink, part crab, part spider, with huge praying mantis claws, climbing up his back and sitting on his head. I thought I’d tell him and that’d slow him down. Bad move. As he shook it off, it flew off and landed on me. Well, now you know why I woke up before the alarm went off.

P.S: I couldn’t draw the darn crab. The picture up there was made by Asif, my coworker. So, now not only am I wasting my own work time for my personal blog, but his as well. DO NOT TELL THE BOSS.


NAB said...

hahaaa! good one. it's a good sign when one still dreams the ridiculous and the animated. that's my take on it.

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

amazing. donno what happened to me last night... slept early and woke up at 10 am today! hope i last till iftar. anyway, - is a site made by a strange italian i knew in sweden, check out the "dream me" section of his website.

Z said...

10 feet tall grill! Aunty materialized from no where! Deceiving. Good one(Y).

btw, that cute and confused crab kindda looks like you. (Y)@Asif

Weatherman said...

Guys! Forget the stupid crab and check out the neat videos already!

Morticia of Mirth said...

In some areas of metaphysics, the crab is a representative of the sea and the sky. It represents physical nourishment which can be obtained from the sea and also intellectual nourishment. As with all water dwelling animals, the crab could also represent something in the unconscious and the emotions!

yes! i dig astrology