Thursday, September 27, 2007

Man Down!

Anjan was devastated when Proton got hitched. The idea of a younger one getting ahead was just too much for him. He was practically begging the senior citizens (a.k.a family elders) to end his miseries ASAP since then. Well…he’s finally got his wish.

We drove down to the village on Friday morning to attend his ‘engagement’. Once we got there we figured we might as well make it a full-fledged wedding. I for one was all for it. Even if it was a bit hasty, it didn’t turn out to be such a bad show in the end.

On our way
Almost there

Abid agreed to shave

The girls are ready

The boys aren't

The last smoke

Tensed. Isn't he?

Errmm…guess its too late to turn back?

The ‘blushing’ groom

The lovely bride

For better or for worse

With the ‘senior citizens’

The shopping list

But its all right

“So how many times do you think they had…‘coffee’ last night? ;)”

“Hey, how about some coffee?”

Cute li’l bugger! Aint he?


1. “Damn this toothpaste tastes funny!...The label looks familier…something is wrong though…what is it?...Oh! Got it! Its shaving cream!”

2. “Hey, wake up! We’re leaving.”
“Oh hey…did I fall asleep again? Okay lets go.”
“Don’t forget to say good bye to the new bride”
“Of course I wont! Okay…hey there! We’re going. Wish you two the best! Come visit when you have time, etc. etc….heck…something is not right here…oh yeah! She isn’t this one. It’s the one next to her. Oh well…I have to go. Byee!”

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