Thursday, September 11, 2008

moving on

Be careful about what you wish for cause you just might get it. Am I regretting it? Not really. After all, this is what I wanted, this is what I knew it'd be. After so many years of whining and nagging and bitching about every little things around me, I am finally out. So there.

They all came to see me off – everybody was there and all of them meant it. Its a blessing to have a family like this. I miss them all terribly now.

BD said good bye the best way it could. It was raining mad – it started to rain the minute I got on the car, it rained all the way, up till the moment the plane took off. And it was just right. The smell of it, the sound of it, the feel of it on your skin is just right. It rains in Sweden as well but its just not the same. Its not as tender.

The journey lasted for ever, - about 19 hours in total. Had a tough time keeping the tears in check during the last bit of it, the flight from Heathrow to Arlanda. No matter how hard I tried to not think about the people back home, they just wont leave me alone. Everytime I thought about Ma the lump in my throad felt heavier. Never thought I'd miss the old lady so much!

Things looked bad at the hostle. Was already pretty down with the long journey, homesickness and the very expensive taxi ride. On top of it all I ended up in a very dirty room with paper bags stashed here and there, full of rotten things and spilling smelly liquids. The thought of taking the next available flight back to home came to mind more than once.

It wasnt that bad though. In fact, I was actually very lucky. The guy I asked for directions turned out to be a good hearted fellow from BD who greeted me in Bangla. He helped me with the bags and introduced me to the rest of the people at the hostle. As for the filthy room, it was a blessing that the people who left it like that (a couple of students from India no less) had already moved out.

The next day, Mashuk, the friendly BD guy, went out of his way to help me get a bus pass. I went to the university and got enrolled. Slowly I started to get used to the clean (way too clean) streets, pretty buildings, tall white people, timely busses and clockwork trains. My new room mate turned out to be a good natured man from Ethiopia who made the room tidy in no time. I also began to realize that living in the hostle has its perks – I got to meet a lot of people from different parts of the world whom I would never come across if I wasn't living there. And what'd you know! There are like hundreds of deers and rabbits living in the woods around the place. Not too bad. Eh?

Its still doesn't come close to home. I still miss everyone and things are still very expensive and I am stil an awful cook (can't even cook instant soup man!). But now I know a bit of the town, can make ham sandwiches, know a few faces, and have got tea.

Think Little dog is gonna be all right.


Morticia of Mirth said...

best of luck with everything little doggy :)

Weatherman said...

hey hey...I saw scooby doo today! A live one! It looked exactly like him!

Nowal said...

haha! NICE! so you're out and creating havoc in swedesville.
and good luck :)