Sunday, September 14, 2008

yellow flowers

1st day of the weekend – My 1st ever Laundry Day! Went out the night before, had a few beers and woke up late, - just like back home. Anyhow, so I put the cloths into the machine and I had nothing to do for the rest of the day so decided to go for a walk.

Within a few minutes I saw it. A solitary yellow flower by the path way, prominent againts the green all around, standing and moving slightly with the gentle breeze, standing and looking at me. It was nothing fancy really, just your regular variety yellow flower that grows everywhere on their own and live without a care in the world. Nothing fancy about it at all and I am not into flowers anyway. But I dunno, there was something about it that made me take notice...there was something about it that made me smile.

Like I said I'm no flower guy but I stopped and stayed a while, and the craziest thing, it felt as if it was saying things to me. I mean, not in words it was not but I was getting! I cann't say what it was but I was getting it all right and I followed on. I moved up the path and surely enough, I found more of them, as I knew I would, and they led me to a wooden staircase leading down to an openning in the woods. I have been wanting to explore the woods since I arrived but never got around to doing it and now the flowers have taken me here. I took the path and went in and it was amazing! Its autumn and the leaves have just started to yellow and moss grew around the old trees and on the stones that came out in places and it was mysterious and slilent and beatiful all at once. Doesnt sound like much but it was something for me. I've seen this wood many times. I have imagined and dreamt about it over and over again for I don't know how long and now there it was. I followed the yellow flowers and surely enough they kept me on the better paths, - ones that weren't littered with plastic bottles, old cds, paper napkins and what not. They made sure the garbage don't come in and spoil my dream.

Later in the Autumn, the leaves will turn red and there will be red and yellow and orange all over. I'll go back to the woods and live, yet another dream.


Nowal said...

I just realized that I like the URL of your blog a LOT - One Last Stop. Nice.

Weatherman said...


Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

you make doing laundry sound so profound! cheerios man. go easy on the beers. :))

Dorian Gray said...

Greetings from Hamburg,
I am reading between the lines that things are OK. Kind of?

Getting used to Europe is a process... I am still in it :)

Good Luck!

Weatherman said...

hiya! Well...its beautiful around here but I dont know, I'm sort of home sick. :(

Don't think I'll ever be able to get used to this. Everything is way too clean, and the people are way too polite! I want to run back to home the first chance I get!

Z said...

save some money and buy a cam. or not. Some things are better in ascii

bodda said...

welcome to scandinavia. the door here is open to u.