Thursday, April 01, 2010


If you ask me, going after the truth is like
Trying to tackle a crab without the proper utensils
Too much work for too li’l meat
I’m done with all that
Truth is overrated

You heard the story about the three blind guys
Going to check out an elephant?
The one catching the trunk called it a snake
The one finding a leg called it a tree and the one
Tugging on the tail…well, you get my drift

But let me just ask you people
You who think u know your elephant
What if the thing u c standing over there,
The thing u call the elephant,
Is not really there
Its being there,
Is but of li’l consequence

Anyhoo, all of that bores me now
Knowing, not knowing, half knowing
All truths r half truths
All lies r half lies
Like crappy intrigues of a badly made soap
(is there any other kind?)
that goes on and on and on
to keep the mass of stupid fucks drugged
and when it finally wears off…
this is how u go thru withdrawal -
make a fuss about nothing
and then wonder
what am I on about anyway?

no worries, sooner or later we all find
the next fix

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