Friday, June 25, 2010


Today I’m high on something but
00000Not sure what.
Granted, it is a good day
The sun is up (and will stay up)
People will make merry… dancing around trees…
and later in the night it’s all about the birds and the bees
…(if u know what I mean)
00000Glad midsommer!
As for me, if nothing else, there will be free booz!
0000000000But its none of that

It could be the blackout,
00000God knows how I missed ‘em!
And the midnight sun and candle lights
00000(even if scented vanilla!)
Might have played a part
0000000000But its not that either

In the end, it was just a dream…
00000Tripping on sleeping pills…
An impossible, silly li’l dream…
with not much happening
no happy ending,… nothing at all
00000and still,
0000000000- A good dream!

I reached the end of my journey (for now)
00000There is nothing to report
The puzzle is still unsolved…and perhaps
will stay that way forever
the pieces r too many…far too many
And multiplying by the minute
00000…degenerating, decaying, losing relevance, ...
0000000000(But at least, I know how it rolls)

So there, thats all there is
00000No triumph, no glory
00000No salvation, no story
0000000000not even the faintest promise of any
Just a stupid li’l dream,… tripping…
00000with u in it

And all the rest can go to hell

1 comment:

ami said...

and still,

A good dream

and its a nice one

peace after the never ending storm