Thursday, July 01, 2010

gas 'em please!

Hearts of War. WHY o Why did I waste two hours of my life watching it! Compared to this, even sex and the city would have been better. These are troubling times, times when idiots think they can make a WW II movie and dish it out to people and they succeed!!! WHO the fuck paid for this movie to be made? Who was the asshole that read the script and decided to go for it! And the acting o m GOD! I'm a pretty peaceful sort of least I used to be before watching this crap. But the idea of taking the whole lot...the writer, director, producers and whole cast and crew to the gas chambers doesn't feel bad at all! Somebody please do it...and while you are at it...please take me with 'em too! I watched the whole damned thing...I don't deserve to live!

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ami said...

ha ha ha ha
naah u r too peaceful to be there