Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What will it be?

পেছনে কেউ নেই, সামনেও নেই কেউ।
প্রবীণরা যে পথটি সাফ করেছিলেন বন্ধ হয়েছে সেটি।
এবং অন্য যে পথ, সকলের পথ,
প্রশস্ত আর সরল, যায়নি কোথাও।
একলা আমি - খুঁযে ফিরি আমার পথ।

~ ধর্মকির্তী

“No one behind, no one up front.
The path cleared by elders is no more.
And the other way, followed by all,
Wide and clear, goes nowhere.
Alone I, keep searching for mine.”

~ Dharmakirti

Some say that in walking a way, it may not be necessary to know where it goes; it is the walk that matters. It, however, could be worthwhile to know where its been…to know if its at all my way…So, I’m trying to look back…trying to know my roots…with the help of a Mexican poet,…In light of India

Birth, Fornication, Death…
…Creation, Original sin, Salvation…
….Life, Karma, Nirvana…

What will it be?

The shackles and of Karma and its consequences,
Or the thoughtful, lonely quest for Nirvana?

An answer could be found in the conversations between Arjun, the mythical hero and Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Vishnu…Not sure if it’s the answer for you, but an answer no less…

Arjun, the fierce Pandav warrior was tormented by doubts and confusion before a battle. His friend and spiritual mentor Krishna told him to do his heroic duty, which would mean shedding the blood of his kinsmen. Arjun was surprised because it was Krishna himself who on previous occasions had told him that the impassive path of wisdom, which leads to freedom (Nirvana) is higher than the path of worldly duties, - Karma, which gives way to delusions.

Krishna explained that even though the previous is true, there are some Karma that can also free the soul. These are the deeds done impassively, keeping the self indifferent. He said, “I have completed these three worlds and have nothing to gain from these (the worlds have already been created, sustained and ended…for the timeless gods)…yet I partake in these activities…”. So, it is possible to achieve Karmaless Karma...doing for the sake of doing…not doing them for gain or consequence.

Arjun understood. On the battlefield he watched himself, detached from himself…he knew that neither the one doing, or the one watching, is him,…although they both are…him…He is Arjun but again not Arjun…but a nameless entity who is in everything.

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