Saturday, March 26, 2011

Clock's ticking boy,…gotta make good

Walking down the forest...You’ve been walking for a while; could be days, or months or years. Presently, something catches your eyes. Something like ...a pot. There,...on the ground. What is it made of? Is it shiny?

Its a clay pot. So what do you do with it? Nothing? Don’t you want to pick it up? Take it with you? No? Okay then.

It’s a shabby li’l clay pot. And you don’t even want that.


Years later...


Didn’t think you’d be here, but here you are! Again! Through no fault or credit of your own. May be it was what they say it is. Its all written. Hell, you probably wrote it yourself!

So, how much of it did you really write you think? I mean, seriously, do you even have a clue? Tell me then, Where you are? Now? Whats that? You don't know where exactly? You don’t know for sure? LOL!

Boy, boy, boy! Wasn’t that supposed to be your 'super power'? Knowing whats what, despite the size and shape and smell or boxes they come in? Tsk! tsk! tsk! This is a little disappointing.

Painted yourself into a tight little spot. Haven’t you? Right! That we don’t know yet. Heck, for all you know, you never even picked up a paint brush to begin with. It probably doesn’t matter,...whether you’ve done it, or not. Things happened anyway. That much is true? And they happened, not just for you, but for the world around you. How is it now? Your own corner of the world?

It looks a li’l messed up. Doesn’t it? Your mind, your body, your home, your family, your friends, your newspaper headlines,…looks a bit shabby. Eh? Now, you can’t possibly be blamed! You’d done nothing. Have you? Or whatever you’ve done, your intentions were pure? I mean, as pure as anyone’s. No need to get all defensive. Noone’s judging.

Whats that? You never had a chance? Oh ho ho! You know that’s not true. You did nothing wrong? Okay, lets say that much is true. Did you do it right? Or do at all to begin with? Lol…

A lot of cleaning up to do boy. Not for you to do. But then again, it is your reality. You decide what to do. If you think it needs cleaning up, well,'d better find a mop. How much you can do? Well, not much of course! Probably nothing at all. Then again, it is Your reality.

It is upto you what kinda pot you want…or what you want to do with it. But you got to walk upto it...on your own two gotta put in the miles. You've got to find it…see it for yourself…and then, make your choice. Only then you can make for the exit,…pot in hand or not…, but you got to be there first.

Otherwise, you end up going in circles. Round and round a shabby li’l pot, never really knowing whats in it, never knowing whether to keep it, or to give it away…never knowing how to get out,...never moving on...

So, you need one more chance. You got all the chances you want. As long as you are there…you got ‘em….and then some. Perhaps you could use a little help figuring out how to make good on all that. Everyone does I suppose…and you do too.

A li’l tricky, getting help – figuring out what to ask for, who to ask…how to ask and then, how to take it. Very tricky indeed! Especially for you boy…I know. But its better if you do it, better if you do it now. Clock's ticking boy,…You gotta make good.


goatman said...

I stood up once: refused to kill!

But I seem to be in the minority with most parts of my life.
Think I was switched planets at birth.

weatherman said...

U stood up and u did what you had to do. As for being a minority, I got a feeling you wouldn't have it any other way. (No?) And if it got down to that, I wonder if you'd want to go back to your birth planet. :)