Saturday, March 05, 2011

original story

There is no such thing…as an original story
None of it is made up
Its all something that you’ve seen
Dreamt about
Or known all along
You’ve been there…even if you don know when.

We are gathered here to witness
The final act
The last performance
Of the play
This however, is hardly the end…
there will be other plays.
But for now, from what I hear,
You r in for a treat.

We are all here…eager to hear
The stories that were never told
Stories we knew
Before time, But for the time,
time forgot.

The world has its heroes
All 1’s and 0’s
Not sure who’se winning tho
Wonder how things turn gray
Even when the dress code is strictly black and white.

As for me, I don’t know it any better
But then again, may b I do…as do u.

Like I said, I don’t know
But guess what tho…
Sometimes…a lot of times…
It all comes together
And the contradictions rest in perfect harmony
When I sit down at tea
With the holy trinity –

The old body
The young heart
And ancient soul

It all makes pefect sense,
Even tho I got no clue
None what so ever


Echo said...

So many times I have thought a story only to find it had been thought before.
But, there are stories that must be told and told again and when I see them in a new word and a new form I know, they shiver me timbers through and through.
Very nice piece.

weatherman said...

yours is pretty cook too! :)