Sunday, June 17, 2007

Natural Highs

Was supposed to blog about Pan’s Labyrinth. Couldn’t get into it. Saw Nowal’s Natural Hight list and thought about making my own.

1. Good breakfast, tea and the first smoke – doesn’t happen too often
2. Solving a puzzle you’ve been going at for a while – So I’m a geek. You are reading blogs yourself :p
3. The wet wind on your face
4. Dark clouds looming on the horizon
5. The Rain
6. Water
7. Splashing into the water
8. Swimming
9. Watching her eyes getting drunk
10 Kisses!
11. Feel her breathing getting heavier as you kiss
12. Her head on your chest
13. When she tells you she loves you – yes even when you know she is lying
14. Dipping you nose in her hair – easy to lose yourself in there...sighh
15. Talking with dead poets
16. Talking to God – he’s more available than you think
17. Reading fairy tales – yes they are all true
18. Good jokes – miss the ones with ZB, RB and BB
19. Good fights – been a while
20. Being sincere
21. Books that slap you hard, give you a good shake, leave you breathless, transport you to another time and place or just make you laugh your ass off
22. Running out of smokes in the middle of the night and then finding a couple in an old pack
23. Making a difficult shot and knowing you can make 10 more like that
24. Reading old letters
25. Reading old journal entries
26. Right song at the right moment
27. Doing a good one and resisting the temptation to bank on it
28. The pen writing by itself
29. Good talks – managing to cut the crap and say it right
30. Good food - burrrp!!
31. Getting to know a beautiful mind
32. Van Gogh’s paintings – Road with Cypresses and Star
33. Blackouts on moonlight nights
34. Family get togethers – with all 14 kids
35. Movies that leave you spell bound for the rest of the night
36. Watching animals
37. Saying “don’t give a fuck” - and meaning it too

This is ridiculous! The list will go on and on and on! And to think we are always complain life doesn't throw enough good stuff on our way!

Road with Cypresses and Star ~ Vincent Van Gogh


NAB said...

aww, you made your own list. i just got a forward and put my comments next to them (hence, the italics). i don't agree with all.
def. like what you did though.

Dorian Gray said...

Hey, I so need to work of a list of my own!

Make you get some proportions!

Coming soon :)

da_butterfly said...

i still dont get the thing!!! confusing!!! :S

Weatherman said...

Hey! Good to see you dorian. Gonna to read your list now.

Butterfly - Just make a list of things that makes you feel high! :p

Dorian Gray said...

You forgot to tell the Butterfly that the list cannot contain drugs :)

Natural Highs! (weed doesn't count!)