Sunday, June 24, 2007

So long brother…

Sudhi shokol shune hoben boro prito
Purush manush du prokar – jibito, bibahito

[Ladies and gentleman you’d be glad to hear it said
(that) There are two kinds of men – the living and the wed]

~ folk wisdom

The guy I grew up with died (got hitched) this weekend. The smartest, most decent kid in the bunch. He is the silent type; you’ve got to know him well to know how witty he is. Wish I could be more like him. Gonna miss him a lot.

Proton and Rini

“Hey! Aren’t you the older one?”
“Hmm…well…hang in there. You’ll find someone [sympathetic tone]”

How many times did the above conversation take place? Lost count after the second millionth time. (Sheesh! Like loosing a brother wasn’t bad enough!)

Had to take it out on somebody. Bad thing about being the elder brother in a wedding is that you have to act your age; can’t pull anything silly. Or can you? ;)

The Plan

The hit
[message reads: Shala (brother in law) No. 1 - I feel so pretty :$]

The impact

The truce

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Shakia said...

You cruel man!! hehehehe...

yeh hang in there, "great men marry late.." by shakia

i thought someone died reading your msn nick! didn't know it was a wedding.. ki moja.. no shali??