Sunday, June 10, 2007

wet crows

It rained all day today. Started out for work (late as usual) and then I couldn’t get a taxi cause the roads were all flooded. Wasn’t too sad about it. Came home and didn’t know what to do. Went online for a bit, wrote a li’l rhyme for a kitty kat and then watched the rain. When it simmered down a little the crows were all over the place trying to regroup or whatever. Looked like they had a rough ride. Watched two baby crows on the sunset for a bit. (Lookes just like other crows only smaller :p) Poor things were all messed up. Guess they didn’t find the rain very romantic.

Went out in the evening with some friends and got all wet on the way back. It was a good shower. Its amazing how much you can still enjoy it if you can forget about the wallet, cell phone, flash drive and cegerettes in your pocket. It was a good walk.

On the way back, decided to ‘cry in the rain’ a li’l. Did all sorts - the baby wail, the girlie whine, the teenage sob, the heartbreak whimper, the oldie weep, the godfather howl, all of it! Was quite a performance I must say; spooked a lot many passers by along the way. Had a lot of laughs.

Speaking of laughs, I remember we had some during the showers last year as well. We had to go to a clinic to pick up somebody’s medical report. By the time we got there we were soaking wet. Walked up to the information desk with water dripping from my hair, nose, cloths, everywhere. My shoes made a squishing noise at every step and I left a trail of water on my way. Long story short, I was all wet and it was rather obvious what happenned to me. I asked the young lady at the desk about the reports I went for. The receiptionist took a good look at me, put on a sweet sweet smile and asked, - “Is it raining outside?”

“No! I just went for a dip in the lake on my way up here.”
What else could you say anyway?

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NAB said...

haha, this was hilarious! funnily enough, it started POURING a couple of days ago for us too and guess what I ended up doing?

Singing out LOUD on top of the voice, to the point of yelling, on the street because this was the only circumstance that you can do it in. After all, what other time do you have when everyone is indoors with their windows tightly shut?

sarcastic lady - nice. even more sarcy amit - better. =)