Monday, May 01, 2006

goodbye gab

When we are kids it was easier to blend in. It was not because all children think alike – cause they surely don’t. It is probably because children are not as preoccupied with themselves as ‘mature’ adults. Kids don’t think about all that social crap that spoils it big time for everybody. Just get some kids together and they’d figure out things to do; They’d get along and play or they’d beat the crap out of each other but one thing is for sure – they wont be bored.

As we grow older we move out of the playgrounds to ‘broaden our horizons’. We conquer new worlds, redefine boundaries, befriend new faces and all. But sometimes as the world becomes bigger around us, our own personal space in it shrinks. You got hundreds of people out there who know you and think u r ok. But how many of them gets you? Ok so people don’t have to get you to be around you. Fine. But its nice when u meet somebody who does. Eh?

In the daytime you are out there, larger than life, making things happen. You aren’t doing them alone – you are surrounded by many. Sometimes you are on the lead. Sometimes you are following others. You build partnerships everywhere and if you are lucky most of them work out. Then after a while you move on to the next thing, form new alliances, build new partnerships. You shake hands with your old mates and promise to keep in touch. You write, call, meet up regularly for a while. Then one of you or both of you loose the number, or get busy with stuff, or leave the country. May be you’d bump into each other months later. Sometimes the reunion turns out great. You end up having beer together and talk about old times and go over the old jokes. Sometimes it doesn’t go so well and you exchange business cards in a hurry after a few awkward moments of ‘catching up’ and let out a sign of relief as you jump into a cab. Its all good and you get the hang of it easily enough. Its all good.

I am very good at good-byes. I handle them extremely well. I’ve seen enough come and go to worry too much about them. I’ll have to say good-bye to a friend soon and am not looking forward to it. Its been a while since a good bye got me thinking but it cant be helped; got too many jokes that worked.

Gonna miss you man. Hope you burn in Hell.


NAB said...

I know exactly what you mean - said goodbyes so often, it's become second nature for me. Sadly enough, those empty promises have become second nature too.

Now I question who my true friends are. The ones who can hold me to those promises, the ones who I look forward to catching up on old times with.

Weatherman said...

Well...this is how I figure out who my friends are; I just think who I can call if I'm in a jam; who'd go to take a beating with me. I guess your case is different. :)

R said...

Good one amit bhai.

z said...

ooh yeaa... another great set of disposable friends. Let the search begin for the next pack

Weatherman said...

Z. bolo bapu kotha jai, kotha gele shanti pai, bhabilam bone jabo - tapito hiya jurabo - shethayo ordhoraate - kaade mrigi kompo gatre :P

z said...

well if you mean it for me then you got it all wrong wetherman. I do have my peace. I'm just a little bit self centered thats all. and i like to think of it as a vertue :P