Friday, May 26, 2006

weatherman's log

Its been a good day.

- woke up to find it cloudy - always a good sign. Went back to sleep.
- woke up again around 12. Found the boys in the living room. They just woke up and was already at it; the older two was beating up the youngest. Mom told me to put an end to it. I of course did not pay any attention to her.
- Proton came in while we were having breakfast. We were supposed to go with him to look at cars. We overslept. He got even easily enough; Told us he bought the car and it was waiting down staris. We hurried down the stairs and found him laughing his ass off when we came up again. To think they call him the good one in the bunch!
- Lost 3 games of 29 (a simplified local version of bridge played with half the deck) in a row. Add to that another two at night. Jesus!
- Rudra (a friend) came in at around 4. Went for pizza in the afternoon.
- Walked to Dhaka Uni campus in the rain. Stopped at the pet shops on the way. Almost bought a pair of baby bunnies. Not the white ones. These were brown with white patches on their chest; the cutest little things. One was all balled up trying to wipe something from its nose with its hands(?). Then we got to thinking who'd be feeding them, cleaning poo and all and decided to continue the walk, without bunnies.
- Had a good shower. Felt nice. Was soaking wet by the time we reached DU. Had tea at the tea stall opposite the library.
- Walked to the bus stop. All 5 of us agreed the chick walking up front has good bone structure. She was carrying an umbrella. We had a bet if it'd flip. It dint. Lost 10 bucks.
- Took the bus back to Proton's place. Played some more. The loosing streak continued.
- Putul apu's kid, our only nephew is getting cuter everyday. He has black bidi eyes and the cutest toes. I am not good with kids. So tried to look busy with the computer. But putul apu wont have it. Made us all take pictures with him.
- Came back home around 11. Got wet again. Wrote a crap poem. Spoiled the day.

Blooper: Called Anon a 'chu*m*****' (an F-word) in front of ma.

Mental note to myself: Dont try to write poetry. Ever!


NAB said...

I need to learn Bangla cuss words.

Weatherman said...

LOL. Why? To screw up like me? :P

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

Maybe it was a gerbil!

NAB said...

I don't think my patients would like it too much if I effed the effing effed up knotted suture. i could smile all prettily and just ramble out a few bengali ones instead. everyone leaves happy.

gerbils. aah. those are evil creatures. pests.

Weatherman said...

Tan - it wasnt a Gerbil. It had long ears. Say, did u buy one by any chance? How is cleo btw?
Doc - Watcha talkin bout? Did u c its picture? Aww...Its cute! And it says it keeps u entertained for hours! And emm...please traslate: 'effing effed up knotted suture'. Think I got the idea wat it is but lets confirm. :$

NAB said...

lolz. 'effing effed up knotted suture'. ur going to make me type it out, eh? lolz.
fuckin' fucked up the knotted suture. so there. now i am going to go wash my "fingers" with soap. lolz.

so do i get a lesson on bengali curse words or not??

the link didn't work. :(

Weatherman said...

Hehe...u make everything sound cute. Dont u? Well...I'd teach u...but am not sure how to go about it. They come ez around tea stalls. Aint no tea sall in here.

The link works. Thing is all of it doesnt show on screen. Try this:

Weatherman said...

Damn! it got cut off again!