Monday, May 01, 2006

if this is what hell is like I'm gettin off the bus

Its 4:30 am on a work night. Been tossing and turning on my bed. No sleeping pill in the medicine cabinet to end my misery. I’m not an insomniac. In fact my cous (the pretty one of the bunch) made a corny joke which had something to do with my wife leaving me because I go to sleep too soon after hitting the sack. Oh well…before you smartipants out there start getting ideas let me just tell you that thinking about the most obvious aspect of conjugal life, i.e. sex, is NOT what is keeping me awake tonight. What else is there? How about the insane heat wave that’s been keeping most of the Dhaka dwellers awake these days? And yes. Most folks here do not have air conditioning here. Sheesh! Now…where were we? Oh yes, was talking about my bed being too hot to sleep in. The best is yet to come. The pillow smells like somebody I used to know a long time ago. The timing is just wrong! Normally it’d make me feel all funny and stuff. But tonight romance is definitely not in the air. Its just plain annoying! Pffft!


NAB said...

so what's your idea of hell then? And what keeps you out of it?

Weatherman said...

Well tell u the truth I always thought it was a nice place to spend an eternity. All the interesting people, most interesting ones at any rate r gonna b there. And most of ma chums too. Something to look forward too. :)

Actually I dont really bet a lot on 'life after life'. One of ma buddies kinda freaked me out the other day. He said, "What if we die and then its ok for a while and its black everywhere and then out of nowhere u hear a voice sayin - 'Who is thy lord?'" Not much we can do then. Would probably just go 'oh shit!' :)

A said...

lol this is the best after life jokes i have heard after a long time. These days people around me are too busy doing whatever needed to be done to go to heaven :)