Friday, May 19, 2006

The Mule

I admire the mule
It’s earnest dedication at work.
No time wasted on feeble words,
No breath wasted on futile dispute.
No load too heavy
- The idea employee.

I envy the mule
Its naïve indifference
To things nice and things grotesque.
Never distracted by thoughts,
Never moved by emotions,
- The beast God disowns.

I pity the mule
It’s ever-yielding being.
It’s sacrifice of no consequence,
Its lack of grievance,
It pains me to see, that beast in me
- The beast not meant to be.


morticia_of_mirth said...

you, my friend, kick ass! this is old news, just giving you a lil reminder.... :D

Weatherman said...

Hey! U r reading this shit! WoW! :D
And you left a comment too! Really nice to c u here.