Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Who stole the Great Wall of China?

I went to work today after four days to find ZB and RB playing with google Earth. It was 12 pm and they’d been at it since the morning. I couldn’t join them since I had too many emails + junk in my work mailbox (333 to be exact). When I went to check up on them at lunch time they were still at it. It seems they found everything in it except the Great Wall of China. They were pretty upset about it. The moon pictures really disappointed them which showed nothing. (This account of our ‘typical’ workday should give you an idea why the three wise guys are in constant fear of getting fired. :$) Then we got to talking about it after lunch. We pondered over the possibility that may be the Great Wall never really existed!.


Probably it was one of those longest successful hoaxes in the history of world. If it did exist, then why didn’t the moon picture reveal it like it was supposed to?


Hmm...and what if there is no such thing as…as the MOON.

(Dhang! Dhang!! Dhang!!!)

Hehe…we aren’t fooled so easily you know! The disc in the sky? Moon, shmoon! Just get ZB a pc and he’ll make hundreds like it in a minute. It’d only need like…15 frames. Double that if you want to do a good job. So who put it there and why? Its obvious that whoever put it there also stole the Great Wall of China! They did it to cover up the most heinous, dubious, surreptitious plan in human history which is………………………………...well if we knew what it is then it wont be such a mystery. Would it?

But fear not good citizens of Earth. The three wise guys are on top of it and are going to get to the bottom of it, even if it means not doing any work till the very last day. They are gonna be all over it, till its all over.


ZB said...

Wow .. works every time.

Whenever Me and RB working our ass of and this pesky little weather man comes towards us dancing, we quickly come up with something like as if we were searching for the Great Wall of China on google earth for about 4 hours … or we are trying to figure out how to turn off a monitor with a baseball bat without breaking it. Next thing you’ll see is that special I’m the wiser guy smile in his face, then wondering if he really is … spending rest of day wondering … and waaala .. a new blog entry at night.

BTW .. me and RB willing to give away $500 to anyone who can find GWC in google earth

Weatherman said...

Readers! C what I put up with??

R said...

Next office tour China. Let’s find out if the Great wall really exists. Maybe a little booze will help us find it.